Believe it or not, it’s that time of year again: the sun is setting earlier, there is a slight chill in the air and the first-day back-to-school photos are slowly tricking into your social feeds.

Let’s face it – both parents and grandparents alike are hardwired to capture family milestones – and the tradition of taking a first-day photo is one of our favorites. The photos captured make for wonderful keepsakes and provide the opportunity for you to watch how your kids or grandkids mature year after year. These pictures are also a great way to flex your creative muscle!

In fact, is it just us, or do these photos get more and more creative each year?! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered –  below are 7 of our favorite first-day-of-school photo ideas to get you started. Save a few, get inspired, and kick off the school year in style!

1. Look (way) ahead to graduation: Before your little one starts kindergarten, purchase an adult-sized t-shirt adorned with the year they will graduate high school (is 2031 even a real year?!). Have them don the shirt and take a photo of them wearing it every year – it will be fun watching them grow into it!

2. Take advantage of props: Each year, have your kiddo choose one item that best represents them – whether it’s a football, their favorite puzzle or a chef’s hat –to highlight what they’re most interested in at that point in time.

3. Fill out a first day fact sheet: What better way to capture your little one’s personality than through a fun chalk board fact sheet? Use the same board each year, asking the same questions, to watch how the answers change as time goes on. We’re still giggling at the answer below regarding what this little boy wants to be when he grows up!

4. Spell it out in color:  To help your little ones learn their ABCs as well as create an Instagrammable shot, utilize colorful letters hanging on a string to spell out a short message – like their age or grade – for a fun banner!

5. Takes photos of your past photo: This is the perfect – albeit mind-bending! – tradition to start when your kids or grandkids first start school. Each year, take a photo of them holding the photo from the previous year to create a fun optical allusion.

6. Say it with a balloon: What’s more fun that incorporating balloons into your pictures?! Grab a sheet of stickers, spell out the grade your kid or grandkid is entering, and stick them on a balloon (or a bunch of balloons). Easy peasy!

7. Feature their favorite book: Instead of the classic chalkboard, have your kids or grandkids pose with their favorite book. This is also a great reminder of what books they loved at what age, which would make for an incredibly thoughtful gift for their first child’s baby shower.

As you get started, make sure to go beyond throwing these pictures up on Instagram and Facebook only to have them out of sight, out of mind a few days later. Instead, have them printed alongside other pictures through the school year in a Confetti album!

Any other creative first day of school photo ideas? Tell us below in the comments, or on Facebook and Instagram!

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