Love is in the air! With summer weather bringing more people outside, the sunshine and fresh air is a great time to pop the question or celebrate that special someone in your life. 

Summer is the height of #weddingszn with plenty of activities in the books to mark this momentous milestone. We know the hustle and bustle that comes along with this time, especially the stress of finding THE perfect gift.

Don’t worry though, Confetti is here to help out! There are plenty of opportunities to spread the love to the newlyweds, pre-weds, all-the-weds, whether it’s right at the proposal or sending the couple off on their honeymoon. See below for our list of fun wedding themed ideas that could be the perfect opportunity to make a collaborative Confetti gift book. We got your backs. 

Poppin’ The Q:  The Engagement & The Engagement Party

Use Confetti to gather photos from the engagement and the engagement party. Kick off a project and then invite each friend or family member to send in their shots from the big moment. Send the digital slideshow around the interwebs to those special ones who weren’t able to physically be there!

Hey hey now ladies: The Bridal Shower

Obviously women rule the world. Show the love for the bride with a collaborative gift from all the ladies in her life. Have each guest share a fun memory they have about the bride along with a favorite photo. The slideshow can then be displayed at the bridal shower and the Confetti book can be gifted to the bride.

Our good friend, Megan Livesay over at Living Rich with Coupons, made a beautiful Confetti book with photos of her bridal shower as a special gift. Hear about it here!  

Let’s do this: The Bachelorette Party

Just like the bridal shower, the bachelorette get together is a great opportunity for a momentous Confetti book group gift. The bride can gift the special women a book for being part of the special occasion with HER favorite moments with them. The ladies at the bachelorette can also make a collaborative gift FROM the bridesmaids to the bride to be.

Party plannin’: The process of planning the wedding

Document all the pieces of the wedding planning process into a collaborative photobook.

Anything from choosing the venue, creating the guest list, finding the DJ, dress fittings, cake tastings … have each moment represented from all the important people that made it happen; the ups and the downs are important too!

Movin and groovin’: The Rehearsal Din

The rehearsal dinner is the night before the big day when everyone settles together. From out of town guests, to grandma and grandpa, this is a special time in the wedding evolution. A little gift to those in the wedding party is a sweet, unexpected touch.

Our fave customer, Deb Shephard, made a Confetti book for all of her daughter’s bridesmaids and gave the gift as a surprise at the rehearsal dinner. 

“I just love Confetti! I used it to create a surprise photo-book for my daughter and her fiance by asking all of the wedding party to send in photos of them with the couple.  The file sharing worked perfectly and I was able to easily create a book brimming with memories of the couple with their favorite people at different times in their lives. The books arrived quickly and are beautiful.  I really loved the little emails I got from Confetti along the way to let me know “the magic was happening. I was so excited to share the final product with everyone and they all LOVED it!”  

Happy Guesting: The Guest Book

Use a Confetti book for the wedding guests to sign on the big day! Lay colorful sharpies out next to some finger food. Have people sign well wishes and notes of love. The book could be full of photos of the engagement and the happy couple’s journey together.  

WE MADE IT: The Post-Wedding Book 

No brainer, here. Make a post-wedding book and slideshow with photos from all the guests that were a part of your special day! Easily invite your guests to contribute their photos with Confetti and relive your day through the eyes of your guests. 

Love for the grandmas and mamas: A Thank You to the Matriarchs

A perfect thank you from the bride to the lovely ladies who helped make the day happen. Mama’s know best right? An extra thank you is always important. This could include older photos as well as photos taken during the wedding day. 

Jet setting: Honeymoon send off gift book

Send the happy couple off with a special book from the people who love them most. Give them a Confetti via the slideshow that they can look at on the plane!

Post moon: Honeymoon Book

Collect all the photos from the trip and send them to family and friends via the slideshow! This is a way more intentional use of social photo sharing. Bye FB, Hello Confetti!

We know that there is nothing like bringing people together around moments that matter. Weddings are a special milestone in life, one to be remembered again and again. 

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