Our Confetti superuser, Tricia Barry, made a beautiful collaborative gift for her seven year old daughter’s Girl Scout Troop. She dubs herself as the troop Historian, always there to capture the special moments. 

As a thank you to the committed moms and the lovely troop leader, Tricia put together a Confetti with 12 collaborators and the final product: pure MAGIC, a compilation of memories from all the best people.

“I had heard about Confetti and thought hey I could do this, it looks simple and easy!”

Tricia said that Confetti took a lot of hard work off her hands. She loves giving thoughtful presents, but it always takes a great deal of time. Last year she spent many hours working solo on a photo book for the troop leader and it took months to track down all the moms and all their photos.

This year, she didn’t have that problem. With Confetti, it took the hassle out of everything and she was able to make a beautiful, group gift in just two days.

Tricia really took advantage of the core of Confetti: collaboration! By gathering photos from a whole range of people, Confetti makes it super easy to make a well-rounded, thoughtful photo book that is full of more love than it would’ve been with just one person.

With just the simple link, she reached out to the other Mamas in the troop, had them share a few photos of their daughters taken throughout the school year with a quick caption. From here, Tricia just easy accepted the photos she liked or denied those wacky ones and then bam, wam, done

“It was so easy to track who had uploaded photos and who I needed to follow up with too. It was just easy for everyone to use. You’d think with 12 moms it would take a while, but no, just 2 days. Fantastic!”

Below is Hannah, Tricia’s 7 year old posing with her sweet book. Each page is filled with a different memory of love. The troop leader absolutely adored it as well as all of the moms.

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