Baby showers are a time of wonder and excitement. The entire family is thrilled to welcome the newest – and tiniest – member to the family. With so much excitement swirling, it’s a prime time to begin documenting the little one’s story through photographs. Confetti has a few tips on how to preserve and create memories while involving the entire family. For example, think of the baby shower as the time to stage multi-generational photos. Both families are together in one room so use it as an opportunity. Professional photographers put together “shot lists” for the events they photograph so crib this pro tip and pull one together for your shower. The day flies by so quickly that it will help to prepare a list so you don’t forget anything.

Honor the matriarchs

Remember to include generational photos that include the grandmas and/or step-grandmas, great aunts, aunts and sisters. Get group shots of everyone and smaller shots of each family within the larger family tree. When your child is older, he or she will cherish photos of excited grandmothers and family members anticipating his or her arrival. Other photo suggestions include: lots of bump photos, a photo with mommy’s partner, candids of everyone enjoying themselves, friend group photos, and party details such as invites, decorations, game set-ups and all the small details that make the event special.

Surprise the mommy-to-be with a slideshow

This one’s for the person planning the shower. Create a personalized and sentimental gift that any new mom would love. Compile all the “bump pics” from the pregnancy’s beginning up ‘til the baby shower. During the shower, ask guests to take photos and share them with you. Surprise the mommy with the resulting photo slide show during the party. With Confetti, it’s easy for all guests to collaborate and share their photos with one central point person who can then pull all the memories into a cohesive book. Confetti also provides a free slideshow online so it will only take five minutes during the shower to add a few real-time photos into the bump pic photo slide show already prepared.

An example of the easy-to-share link Confetti offers

Holiday Gifts Galore

Baby is going to be winning over the family once making a formal appearance and there will be a variety of adorable moments and stages to capture. Pull together photos of each set of grandparents with the newborn from the shower through those first few months. Babies faces seem to change almost daily and any new grandparent would love to look back on their cherished grandchild grow as they enjoyed those initial bonding sessions. Gift personalized books to each for something that will be prized for years to come. Printed photos have become even more special since so many fall into the digital-only category.

The baby shower passes in a flash. Between the buzz of multiple conversations, gift opening and games, it’s over and your loved ones have dispersed. Encourage your group to take photos and collaborate on remembering this special celebration. After all, your newborn will become your combined family’s legacy. From pre-birth celebration through all the baby milestones, we aim to help you preserve your special moments through slideshows and memory books.

Baby Shower Picture
Photo by Tai’s Captures on Unsplash

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