With Memorial Day in the rear view, we’re officially on the road to summer. The season is special for so many reasons: school’s out, work feels like less of a slog due to all that extra daylight, and did somebody say #RoseAllDay?

In truth, summer feels magical because it sparks something uniquely joyful in everyone. People young and old delight in the sights, sounds and sensations of summer –  the smell of sunscreen, the sand between toes, the splash of a sprinkler, and the sparkle of Fourth of July fireworks. The experience becomes even more heightened for families as they take on all the summer feels together.

Since summer can feel so fleeting, Confetti is here to help you make the most of it, providing tips to create even more of those warm and sunny moments that matter:

  • Ultimate Summer Bucket List: Choose a night each week for a standing family regroup – your own Summer Share Sesh to discuss collective plans for the season. During your first session, create a crowdsourced bucket list of activities everyone wants to do over the summer. Turn the final product into a fun calendar or vision board (Bonus: family art project!). Each week, revisit the list as a group to make plans on how to check items off, add more activities or chat about completed experiences. Take pictures during each activity and at every family meeting, which can be turned into a photobook at the end of the summer.
  • IRL Social Media: Designate your own family photographer by creating a weekly rotation of family members to serve as the Master of Memories. Task that week’s photographer with capturing fun family moments both planned and candid. Challenge your family to stay in the moment by choosing specific windows or activities where only the master photographer is allowed to have their phone or other camera device with them (and stipulate that their screen time is only for taking photos). Aggregate everyone’s photos into a living slideshow the whole family can add to and enjoy – no like buttons or heart taps needed.
  • Miles of Smiles: For families who might be vacationing on a road trip together or even spending the summer adventuring apart, make sure everyone is capturing their own memories to share. Set strategic calendar reminders each month of the summer for the full family to crowdsource photos from wherever they may be. Dates could include the day following your return home from a family vacation or the weekend your kids return from sleepaway camp. Making memory sharing a priority will help ensure you have plenty of fun photos and special memories from everyone’s point of view.

So, raise that glass full of blush wine and toast to making this summer the best yet! How are you going to be making memories with your family this summer? Tell us below in the comments, or on Facebook and Instagram!

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