Graduation season is a time for throwing things up in the air: For newly minted grads, it’s their caps, as they reenact the long-standing commencement tradition. For their loved ones, it’s their hands, as they fret about the perfect gift to present to the special graduate in their lives.

Luckily, Confetti is here to help both groups celebrate the 2019 graduation season with the perfect way to commemorate this life-altering scholarly occasion, effectively solving all of their #GraduationProblems!

For grads, it can be tough to live in the moment if you’re stressed about capturing content for your Snapchat and Instagram stories (The thought of trying to grab the perfect Boomerang video while simultaneously tossing your cap might be low-key scarier than the idea of re-taking your finals!). Plus, those ~stylish~ graduation gowns tend not to have pockets, which makes cell storage an actual issue.

Our advice? Put down the screen and embrace this experience so you can mentally capture each facet of the day: every smile from your family as you peruse the crowd, every step across the stage, every high-five from your classmates as you collectively cheer your milestone moment. Use Confetti to crowdsource photos from all your family and friends from your graduation celebrations, gathering photos from the ceremony and the afterparty. Once collected, use the platform to create special photobooks that serve as your own special keepsake to mark the occasion.

For those looking for the perfect graduation gift, Confetti is really the perfect solution. Create a custom photobook that is personal and cost-effective as you pull together special memories from all stages of your graduate’s life, helping illustrate the journey and the important people that brought them to this monumental day.

Take it from #TeamConfetti: Brittany Fleck, Innovation Catalyst here at AARP Innovation Labs, recently attended her sister’s college graduation with a custom Confetti photobook in tow. She crowd-sourced photos from her sister Nicole’s 56 dearest friends. There was no nagging or hounding people to contribute, as Confetti did all the hard work with its collaborative link. The response? We’ll let the graduate speak for herself:

 “This was the best gift I have ever received. Period. It’s hard to put into words what it feels like to hold something that represents all of the people that love and care about me, but it really is so special. There is nothing like it and I think it’s an amazing gift to both give and receive!”

Now that your #GraduationProblems have been solved, tell us: What are some of your favorite graduation memories? Share how you celebrated either your or a loved one’s special milestone with us on Facebook, Instagram, or in the comments below!

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