Break out of the routine this summer and explore the many possibilities for summer fun! There are countless new activities to explore, yet sometimes we stick to the familiar. We encourage you to get imaginative this year. Inspired by someone’s incredible Disney World trip but can’t swing it now? Think of ways to create a similar experience. If you love the magic of camping, create a new spin on it with your family at home. Summer isn’t just for vacations – it is for exploring our own neighborhoods, towns and cities. Enjoy the same festivals, events and attractions that the tourists visit – there’s a reason they’re there! Open yourself to expanded experiences this summer by taking our quiz:

For ideas beyond your result, check out additional suggestions from the Confetti team:

Outdoor Movie Night

Either visit the town drive-in or make your own outdoor movie theater with a projector! Either way, some light entertainment in-between bites of popcorn will energize your family. Set up blankets and pillows in the trunk of your car or backyard while serving treats at a “concessions” table. You’ll feel the warm summer air, take in the stars and enjoy family togetherness. Pulling the outdoor movie theater together provides a fun experience for the entire family

The Zoo

Many educational benefits arise from zoo trips: kids ask questions about various animal species, they learn how ecosystems work and they’ll learn the importance of animal care and respect. This trip will also allow the entire family to experience replicas of their favorite animal’s natural habitat, attend special events and talk to zoo keepers. Alternative options could be aquariums, petting zoos or local farms!


Cozying up under the stars is the perfect way for your bunch to relax this summer. You can turn your backyard into a campground or travel to a camping site – depending on your family’s comfort level with the outdoors. Roast s’mores over a fire. Connect over stories. Create a classic family togetherness scenario that goes back centuries. You will feel closer to your family after talking, laughing and storytelling, and the fresh air will make you all feel recharged and happy. To take this one to the next level, plan an entire vacation around camping and hiking and truly immerse yourselves in mother nature!

Theme Parks

When your crew morphs into thrill-seekers, it’s time to visit a theme park. There’s such a variety of activities from rides to games and more so a park provides the ability to laugh, scream, and let loose! As a bonus, you will sneak in a ton of walking while experiencing the park.  Enjoy the stress relief and the capture opportunity to forget your daily routines. Build confidence while conquering fear over a ride and enjoy an amazing family bonding experience. Once home, gather those roller coaster snapshots and combine them into your Confetti memory book so you can laugh and experience it all over again!

Summer always feels shorter than it is so sneak in fun with day trips. Look at a map and circle the two-hour drive surrounding your home. See what surprising events are waiting for you within the radius. Or, create your own experiences at home with some creativity and imagination.

Have you ever created a unique experience? Have you stumbled upon a new fun place close to home? Share your ideas and inspire us in the comments or comment on our Instagram.

The Traveling Child Confetti Photobook summer experience

Photo Courtesy of The Traveling Child

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