The goal of summer vacation remains constant even when the destinations fluctuate: Create life-long memories and thoughtful family bonding experiences. Some families like sticking to tradition through yearly visits to a familiar place, as it sparks familiarity and planning is efficient. But for the family that craves change or when it’s time to try something new, how will your family choose your next adventure?

When choosing the destination for your next family trip, the first step is to ask yourself a few questions, such as: Is there something for everyone? Is it kid-friendly? Is there something for adults? What activity level is involved? It can be puzzling to find a destination perfect for all personalities and ages.  

To help you get started, Confetti has created a quiz that will guide travelers to locations based on their own interests.  Looking for more than one option? Check out all of our recommendations below!

Want more options than your own quiz results? Read on for more travel suggestions!

Explore a new city: Visiting a new city is a varied and highly active vacation. Why? One of the best ways to take in a new city is to walk around. Absorb neighborhoods on foot to inspire impromptu café and museum visits. There’s something for everyone from arts and entertainment shows to sports to atmospheric restaurants. A city allows each person in your group to plan a day based on their personal interests. Letting everyone to take control with planning produces a diverse and fascinating adventure.

Take a Road Trip: A road trip delivers variety in locations and consistency in the car. Create adventure through spontaneous stops and deeply explore several planned places. One of the biggest benefits to road trips is that there’s an abundance of time together to talk, joke and play games. To amp up for the road ahead, allow each explorer to plan one day of the trip and map out locations.

Visit a National Park: If your family gets excited by adventure, then consider discovering one of the many gorgeous national parks. Hiking, skiing, fishing, and other activities that immerse you into Mother Nature will surprise and excite you in ways you never thought possible. It’s a deeply peaceful and relaxing experience when the elements are surrounding you – especially if you have the benefit of spotty cell reception so you can fully unplug.

Hit the Beach: The beach is a classic vacation for a reason – it allows your gang to chill. While perfect for some, a day at the beach doesn’t need to be as laid back as sticking your toes in the sand and opening a book. Bring a kite and fly it in the salty wind at night. Get a body board and practice riding the surf into the sand. Explore the local restaurants and try a new type of seafood. Many beach towns have additional activities from rides to little shops so stroll through town. Fully explore your surroundings while enjoying the togetherness.

Of course, where you go isn’t as important as who you go with. Take this time to bond and laugh as a family. Reconnect and create new memories and inside jokes. The value of a vacation lives on far beyond the time you are away. Vacations freeze time and provide countless photos, happy memories and chances to establish new traditions. What are your plans for family vacation? Share with us in the comments or comment on our Instagram. We’d love to hear about all the locations you will be traveling to – it might inspire others too!

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